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Volunteering in 2012

An Olympic challenge?

Tuesday 7 September 2010, 9am - 11am
Wragge & Co.

Speakers to include:

Tom Travers,Interim Head of Host City Volunteers, LDA

Jan Levy, Managing Director, Three Hands

Building on last year's event, this seminar will look at the volunteering opportunities at the 2012 Olympic Games. While 2010 sees the launch of the London 2012 official Volunteer Programme, already 1.2 million people have registered an interest for the 70,000 general volunteer spaces being offered by LOCOG. For those businesses who are not sponsors, what opportunities are there?

Boris Johnson has recently announced the need for thousands of additional volunteers to join the Host City Volunteer team who will be on hand during the Games, based at airports, train stations and key attractions, to greet and assist the thousands of people who will be descending on the city.

This event will provide guidance for practitioners on how corporates, and their employees, can maximise the opportunities thrown up by the Games. It will also consider the pros and cons of long term engagement versus one-off volunteering and the short term challenges of an event such as the Olympics.

In particular, the event will consider:

  • What kind of volunteering opportunities are available, beyond those being offered by LOCOG?

  • How can businesses ensure their employees are offered a chance to volunteer in one of the UK's greatest sporting events in history?

  • How can corporates, NGOs and government ensure that the legacy of volunteering spirit lives on long after the games are finished?

Members will also have the opportunity to hear from Jan Levy, Three Hands, who will discuss a research project currently underway on the future of community involvement. It aims to gather opinions from heads of CR/ Community on where community involvement is heading and whether it will gain or lose importance as part of the wider sustainability agenda.

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